Van Nifterik expands factory China

Van Nifterik expands factory China

Due to the construction of a new road behind the production facility in China (NIF Agri Support), Van Nifterik was forced to demolish as much as 600 square meters of plant area in October 2021. After months of rebuilding to regain the lost space, the plant’s total new construction now covers more than 1,600 square meters. This allows Van Nifterik to guarantee a larger stock and shorter delivery times.  


Turning a disadvantage into an advantage 
Last October, the Chinese government announced a zoning plan that included plans to build a new road through Van Nifterik’s China-based manufacturing facility. In this factory, the supplier of and specialist in support materials produces, among other things, its bamboo racks and poles. Because the road came right through the clip department, it had to demolish the rear portion of the building. Because of Van Nifterik’s ambition to grow and to continue to guarantee the quality and service of its products, it was necessary to recover the lost space in another way. After receiving mutual approval from the landlord, NIF China added the adjacent property to its factory, after which its renovation began early this year.  


More stock, shorter delivery time
The factory expansion includes 1,000 square meters of workable space, which consists of a storage and inventory area on the second floor and a new clip department on the second floor. The larger storage and work space allows NIF China to hold a larger inventory of products and ship them faster. “The larger storage capacity not only allows for higher throughput and shorter delivery time for our customers, but also more visibility for our employees,” said General Manager Jeroen Ratterman. “Despite the setbacks, this development has been positive for NIF China. ” 


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