Did you know that plant trellises, plant stakes or plant arches can be not only functional, but also aesthetic? And that this increases the sales of your plants? With our innovations we can make the difference for you and your plant. We develop products such as labels, split racks, clips and bows in response to our customer’s wishes. Because bamboo is a flexible and versatile product, a lot is possible. Together we provide the best and most beautiful products for your plants. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us!

your idea

When you as a grower encounter a challenge, we are happy to think along with you. How can your plant become firmer? What is a nice way to brighten up the plant? How can you strengthen your brand and incorporate it into the plant in a creative way?

Challenges exist for us to face them.

Coming up with and Designing Ideas

Together with you as a customer, we take action and come up with various possibilities. This can be a small change to an existing product, but it can also be a totally new idea.


When the best idea is chosen, we make a test model in Ede or send our colleagues in China a sketch of the idea. They develop this into a prototype and produce it, using the best materials.

Testing and Improving

When the prototype arrives in the Netherlands, we will test it. Is it the right thickness, length, strength and material?  If the idea needs to be worked out further, we will continue working on it – until we are all satisfied.


The final idea goes back to our colleagues in China. They ensure that the detailed design is produced in a large batch. They check the quality of the materials and the product several times.

Quality check

The quality is checked for the last time and then the products are delivered to you.

Customer happy = we are happy

If you are completely satisfied with our innovative and inventive plant support, then we are also satisfied. Together we go for the best results.

Contact us!

“Als kweker heeft u een doel: zorgen voor optimale omstandigheden voor uw planten om het beste kweekresultaat te bereiken. Ik denk graag met u mee! Neem contact op om samen alle mogelijkheden te bespreken.”

Erik van Wijk
Accountmanager kamer-en tuinplanten
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