Globally active in horticulture

Van Nifterik Holland and NIF China


Van Nifterik has two of its own companies in China: the trading office in Guangzhou and a production company in Yuanzhou.

The trading office is engaged in the purchase of raw materials from plant sticks, semi-finished products and transport.

The production company takes care of, among other things, producing bamboo racks, painting the bamboo sticks, plasticizing and clipping.

Thanks to the fast and direct lines of communication, we provide reliable information about production and deliveries. This improves the qualityof our products and service.
And we are proud of this!

Eye for our Chinese Colleagues

The code of ethics that applies to employees at Van Nifterik in the Netherlands also applies to NIF China. Our employees work in excellent conditions. They earn more than the average in China and are paid on time.

There is also no child labour or overtime whatsoever. Our Chinese colleagues do not have to work on Sundays, Christian holidays or Chinese holidays.

Van Nifterik Holland

In the Netherlands, the team is involved in customer contact and sales. The focus is on a good relationship with our customers. We respond to the current situation around the nursery.

The innovation team is engaged in research into materials and the development of our products. In this way, the range is constantly expanded and we can meet your wishes as a customer.

In addition, fast, flexible and reliable delivery is ensured in the Netherlands.

Transport in the Netherlands

For the transport to our Dutch customers, we work closely with KSV-Transport in Ede. This company specializes in the transport of floriculture products and knows our sector like no other. KSV is the home transporter of auction Plantion.

Van Nifterik and Plantion are less than 800 meters away from each other. KSV transports flowers and plants from Westland to Plantion and returns with products from Van Nifterik. Often to the same growers!

As a result, KSV rarely drives empty trucks. Efficient and environmentally friendly!

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