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Quality plant support

Optimal conditions for your plants!

Optimal conditions for your plants!

About Van Nifterik

As a grower, you have a goal: to ensure the best conditions for your plants to achieve the best growing result. The plant supports are a part of that. In order to provide top quality plant support, we do everything we can to unburden our customers. With enthusiastic teams in the Netherlands and China, you are guaranteed innovative and high-quality products.

Van Nifterik Holland b.v.

Ons kantoor in Ede. Kom gerust eens langs. De koffie staat klaar!

Bamboo Village Uganda certificaat

Bamboo Village Uganda

Het bamboebos in Oeganda om onze CO2-uitstoot te compenseren



Ons handelskantoor in Guangzhou



Ons productiebedrijf in Yuanzhou



52 years ago, Barend Van Nifterik started trading in tree poles as a fruit grower. These were used to support fruit trees. His dedication ensured that both in the Netherlands and far beyond, Van Nifteriks’ Palenhandel became a household name.

Van Nifterik has grown into becoming a specialist in bamboo sticks, bamboo racks and other support materials. The mission has not changed over the years. We still want to provide our customers worldwide with the best plant support.


With two companies in China and the parent company in the Netherlands, we ensure efficient business processes. Because of the direct contact with China, we can switch quickly and easily. These short lines ensure that we are personal and reliable.

Certificates and footprint

Oursocial and ethical responsibility is of paramount importance to us. That is why we continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Bamboo Village Uganda, for example, has been planting bamboo forest for 2 years to compensate for our CO2emissions. Further, our choice to use bamboo products is a choice that plants and animals happy with.

Our social and ethical responsibility is also reflected in the quality of work and product quality. We are proud to say that our colleagues at NIF China have successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification and the ISO 14001:2015 certification. This shows that we can consistently deliver products that meet the requested quality of our customers and that our employees work in a safe and environmentally friendly environment.


An enthusiastic team with a common mission: to develop the best and most beautiful plant support. Within an open organization with a close-knit group of employees, everyone flourishes.

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