Split Bamboo SpeedyClip

SpeedyClips on stakes are the invention for growers who want to reduce their labour costs with pre-assembled clips on a split bamboo stick. This product is the fastest and easiest way to support your plants and many of our clients love it! With this attachment method for the orchids, you can process the bamboo support sticks even faster. The SpeedyClip on stakes combines the advantages of a strong, easy-to-handle clip with a sturdy planting stick for Phalaenopsis in particular.

Usability as a starting point

Thanks to the unique design of this clip you can quickly and firmly place the guide around branches. The starting point for this clip has been user-friendliness: using these pre-assembled clips is less tiring. This is because the clips are already at the right height. This means that there is no need to separate the clips, decouple them or choose the right position. Less movement, less loss from falling clips, and no metal.


Our self-developed anti-fungal treatment ensures that our split bamboo is resistant to moisture. As a result, it can be used for various vegetable young plants and outdoor plants. In addition, treated split bamboo does not attract plant-threatening insects.


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SpeedyClip split bamboo
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