SOW&JOY, the Bee-friendly Stick

SOW&JOY, the Bee-friendly Stick

Meet the SOW&JOY, an eco-friendly bamboo tube that can be put near a flower or plant. This tube is filled with bee-friendly seed. There’s a reason for that, because did you know that bees are an endangered species? First see then believe? Check out the SOW&JOY on this page.

If the bees go extinct, we have a big problem. Bees and larvae gather their food (nectar and pollen) by flying from one flower to another. At the same time, they take pollen with them. For example, they pollinate crops, such as fruit and vegetables. In this way, fertilization takes place, which is very important to maintain the crops.

Without the pollination of bees, plants and flowers grow worse. They then become more expensive or are even no longer profitable to grow. Fewer bees therefore mean less coffee, less fruit, less vegetables, etc. The extinction of the bees therefore also has consequences for humans.

Some figures at a glance:

  • More than 40% of bee species are currently threatened
  • Bees are responsible for 90% of the pollination of flowering plant species
  • Bees are responsible for 75% of the pollination of important crops, such as fruit, vegetable and nut species
  • The wild bee is responsible for 25% of the yield of apples

The fact that the bees are dying out is because living environments have changed. For example, flowers have been removed. And farmers have started working on their land differently. Fortunately, you can help to make sure the bees live. You can do this by sowing the seed of the SOW &JOY in a beautiful place. This way, you’ll make sure bees have enough food to keep living.

SOW&JOY is an initiative of Van Nifterik Holland B.V.. Van Nifterik is a supplier in the field of bamboo sticks, bamboo racks and bamboo arches. Would you like to know more about the SOW&JOY? Please contact us here.

Practical points:

The mixture is good for approximately 2.5 square meters of flowers and consists of a combination of 1- and 2-year-old flowers.

Manual SOW&JOY:

    1. Remove the cap from the stick
    2. Scatter the seeds over 2.5 m² in the garden
    3. Rake some soil over the seeds
    4. Pour 1 to 2 cans of water over the soil
    5. Water every week with a watering can
    6. Enjoy your beautiful flower mixture and the bees

The above illustration is a design by DesignStar.

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