Orchid Hook

The Orchid Hook (also known as J-hook or Orchid Wire) has a smart and simple design which is simultaneously also the strength of this binding material.

The right support

A characteristic of the Orchid Hook is that you attach this clip to the bamboo stick and plant it while not overexerting your muscles but still offering the orchid all the support it requires. Even the unruliest branches can be shaped into the model you want with this practical hook.

For all plants

The inconspicuous appearance of the Orchid Wire ensures that the orchid as a beautiful houseplant gets all the attention. Of course, Orchid Hooks can also be used with plant stakes for other houseplants.

Van Nifterik has two variants: a rubber orchid hook and a durable orchid hook. In the durable hook, the rubber has been replaced by paper. At the moment it is available in 1 size, but other sizes are certainly available on request.


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