Sustainable insect hotels made from bamboo

Sustainable insect hotels made from bamboo

May 20 is World Bee Day. If we, and the bees, love anything it is bamboo! M. van der Spek group makes beautiful sustainable insect hotels from our Tonkin bamboo with their brand BOOM style. With an insect hotel you make your garden animal friendly and increase biodiversity in your environment. Tonkin bamboo is excellent for this purpose. Insects feel safe in the tubes and store nectar or pollen as food for the larvae. In addition, bamboo is lighter and a lot more durable than wood. So a whole lot easier to hang in your garden!

Recently we delivered a new container with bamboo to M. van der Spek group, where many beautiful and sustainable insect hotels can be made. This way our sustainable bamboo also contributes to biodiversity. Click here to admire all handmade BOOM style insect hotels.

Insectenhotel bamboe


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