Split Bamboo Colour


Coloured Split Bamboo/ has all the advantages that Natural Split Bamboo has. Split bamboo/ is also available in many colours so that it beautifully matches the plant. The standard colours of Bamboo Flowersticks are green and black, but other colours are available on request.

The uniform, round shape makes this stake an easily managed plant supporter. Split bamboo support material is light, strong and has a lifespan that is in accordance with the plant.

We can deliver our Split Bamboo Colour with a (partial) plastic coating as well.

Anti-fungal treatment

With the anti-fungal treatment which we have developed ourselves, split bamboo support materials are much more resistant to moisture and can be used for a range of vegetable young plants and outdoor plants. Further, split bamboo does not attract plant-threatening insects. Our split bamboo plant supports are suitable for machine processing.

Almost all split bamboo is round, but we can also supply square split bamboo (with or without skin)! Feel free to ask about the options.


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