Smart and unique

As a grower, you are looking for more than just a beautiful looking clip. Van Nifterik understands the issues you face as a (orchid) cultivator. That is why we continue to innovate with binder materials for horticulture. Our sophisticated and thoughtful CombiClip design is proof of this. As CombiClip is our own design and in our control, you are guaranteed a unique product.

All advantages in one clip

CombiClips can be attached quickly and efficiently to all types and sizes of branches. While holding the branch and stake in one hand, attach this clip in one smooth movement with the other hand. This works efficiently and the muscles are exerted to a minimum. The CombiClip gives your plants the necessary support but at the same time leaves space for growing. Additionally, these clips do not get tangled in the box, making them easy to use. With the CombiClip we help you avoid waste, irritation, delays and metal parts.


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