Anti-fungal treatment, waxing and plasticizing

Anti-fungal treatment, waxing and plasticizing

We can wax, plasticize or give our bamboo canes an anti-fungal treatment. But what exactly does this mean? In this article, we will explain everything about it to you. Would you like to know more about this or would you like tailored advice? Then contact one of our account managers. They will be glad to help you out!

Anti-fungal Treatment

Van Nifterik is unique with its anti-fungal treatment. The need to keep sticks mould-free during the cultivation and transport phase has kept us busy in recent years! Similarly, the paint that we have developed has been enriched with substances that prevent mould formation. All ingredients of the paint fall within the European standards of ECHA and REACH. . In addition, we do not want any product in the paint that is harmful to the environment and can be considered a pesticide. With the dyeing machines and paint developed by ourselves, the colouring process is now completely free of waste. The new paint does not rub off to plants and roots, and remains colourfast when exposed to the sun. In addition, there are production advantages such as the low amount required and the fast drying time. In addition, there are production advantages such as the low amount required and the fast drying time. Of course, the season, the climate in the greenhouse and the chosen soil mixture has an influence.


Wax is the most common finish for sticks. Wax gives a natural look to your plant stick giving it a soft, vibrant look. In addition, wax has the advantage that it contains no pesticides and is gentle on the hands. It is not for nothing that wax is also chosen in the cosmetics industry because of its smooth, soft properties. This means that a waxed plant stick is a product with which you can work quickly and splinter-free. However, wax is not an environmentally friendly product, because it is a petroleum product. Also, the development of wax in China is not clean and sustainable. This means that we are reluctant about waxing. A good alternative to waxing is to paint the stakes.


Plasticizing provides your planter with a seamlessly fitting plastic case to provide extra strength and visible protection against mould formation. It is possible to protect the plant stick partly with plastic or along the entire length. Even when your plant is in the nursery for a long time, the risk of breaking off the stick is greatly limited.


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