Antifungal treatment, waxing and plasticizing

Antifungal treatment, waxing and plasticizing

We can give our bamboo canes a fungicidal treatment: waxing or plasticizing. But what exactly does this involve? In this article we explain all about it. Want to know more about this or want custom advice? Then please contact with one of our account managers. They will be happy to help you!

Antifungal treatment – Waxing

Wax is the most common finish for canes. Wax gives a natural look to the plant cane, giving it a soft, vibrant appearance. In addition, wax has the advantage of being pesticide-free and gentle on the hands. Not surprisingly, wax is also chosen in the cosmetics industry for its smooth, soft properties. This makes a waxed plant pole a product that can be worked with quickly and splinter-free. At the same time, wax is not an environmentally friendly product, as it is a petroleum product. Also, the development of wax in China is not clean and sustainable. This makes us cautious in our enthusiasm for


With plasticizing, the plant stake is covered with a seamless, plastic sleeve to provide extra strength and visible protection against mold. It is possible to partially protect the plant stake with plastic or protect it along its entire length. Even if your plant is in the nursery for a long time, the risk of the stick breaking off is greatly reduced.

So all in all, there are a lot of possibilities to improve plant canes and give them a fungicide treatment. Would you like to know more about all the possibilities or are you curious what we can do for you and your plant canes? Feel free to contact your account manager. Never been in contact with Van Nifterik before? Send an email to or call Martin: +31 (0)653717495.

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